London Voice Lessons - Presentation Coaching

Everyone has ideas. It could be an idea for the next big app. It could be an idea for how to make your company run better. It could even be a simple, straightforward idea. But so often, these ideas just don’t get heard – your presentation just doesn’t land. Why?

The ideas that get traction are those that are the most sensitively, confidently argued – the most persuasively put. The value of the idea often doesn’t matter – it’s the value of the person speaking that counts.

So how do we become a different person?

At London Voice Lessons we know that you don’t have to become a different person – you just have to manage the impression that you make on others. You need a different persona.

With Matt’s background in actor training, we understand the way that a great persona can help sell your idea. Your voice, your posture and the words you choose utterly determine the impression you make on others. By using simple vocal techniques, you can become more confident, more persuasive, more magnetic, more attractive – and get your idea heard.

Let’s change the sound of your ideas. Get in touch at or check out our contact form.