Matt Pocock has taught over 2,000 voice lessons to over 200 clients, both in Exeter as a full-time singing teacher and in London. His experience in working with the voice is unmatched, and his training from Guildford School of Acting has left him with the skills to meet the demands of any client.

Matt began his training with his Bachelor of Arts 1:1 in Drama from Exeter, while also singing and touring with his 7-piece soul band. He started teaching singing after finishing University, and quickly established a large client base. He went on to work as an Associate Lecturer for Exeter College, and as a regional singing judge for Open Mic UK and TeenStar UK, the two largest untelevised talent shows in the UK. He also worked as a talent scout for Future Music Management.

His passion for the voice came from his students. As more and more clients started coming through his doors, he realised that every one of them needed more specialised information. Every voice seemed to have its own locks, which needed highly intricate keys to enter. So he started expanding his bookshelf and honing his techniques. The lessons today are the culmination of this intensive research period, and Matt’s passion for the latest techniques and most up-to-date research is inspiring – so much so that a few of his students have begun their own voice teaching careers.

After this on-the-job experience, Matt achieved a place on Guildford School of Acting’s unique course for training singing and voice teachers: the Masters in Practice of Voice and Singing. The course, run by vocal guru Chris Palmer, remains unique. When Matt applied, only 15 students had ever completed it. This course trained Matt at the highest level of voice use using methods passed down through Cicely Berry, Kristen Linklater and Patsy Rodenburg – especially in the use of the corporate voice, and in training voice for actors.

From here, Matt moved into London, setting up his vocal studio and continuing the work started in Exeter. He is proud to have worked with some extraordinary clients and to be just as happy teaching beginners as seasoned actors and hardened professional speakers. Every voice can benefit from training, and Matt is perfectly equipped to bring his exceptional knowledge to bear on any voice.

Apart from his teaching work, Matt is an passionate writer and blogger about the voice. He is currently employed by Vocalzone as a Vocal Health Consultant, and writes for his sister website, VoiceHacker. His articles written for Vocalzone and Voicehacker have received over 100,000 pageviews, and have been shared thousands of times across the web. For a taster of Matt’s teaching style, check out our articles page.