London Voice Lessons - Actor Training

Auditioning for Drama School? Trying to perfect a monologue? Want to add a few accents to your spotlight profile?

Actor training never stops. Every part demands new challenges, especially on the voice. Relying on your old habits and resting on your laurels is a fast-track to failure in an industry that does not take prisoners. But actor training doesn’t have to be a preventative against failure – it can open up gateways into new roles, new styles, and new methods.

London Voice Lessons coach Matt Pocock has trained in Voice at Guildford School of Acting, one of only two masters degrees in voice in the country. He is passionate about theatre and acting, having worked at East 15, Portsmouth University and The Bridge Theatre Company. With Matt, you’ll be working with the cutting edge of voice techniques, using exercises from Linklater, Berry, Rodenburg, Lessac and many more to get to the heart of your voice.

Nothing trips up an actor faster than an accent, and we’ve got that covered too. Whether it’s Gen Am, RP, Cockney, Liverpudlian, New York, we’ll be able to help. Matt’s training in phonetics and dialect coaching will give you the tools you need to understand the basis of all accents, so you can tackle anything you need to in the future.

To get more information, email matt at or use our contact form here.