London Voice Lessons - Accent Softening/Elocution

Working with accents can be challenging. Your voice is so personal to you that it often feels strange delving into it and changing things. Stephen Hawking hasn’t changed his voice since 1984 – and it’s an American accent! So we tend to be very resistant to change.

But sometimes an accent can get in the way of your success. People might tell you that you mumble, people might ask you to repeat yourself. And they might even discount your message because your accent just isn’t up to scratch.

This is particularly hard on people from overseas coming to the UK. English is such a world language now that it’s starting to become the only language you need to get ahead. English that is clear, precise and easy to understand will win you favour in job interviews, on conference calls and at networking events.

London Voice Lessons can help. Working with the International Phonetic Alphabet, Matt offers one-to-one training that covers all the fundamentals of voice work. We’ll work on changing the shape of your vowels, tightening your consonants and getting rid of any accrued habits in the tongue and articulators. It’s old-fashioned elocution with up-to-date tools.

To learn more, pop Matt an email at or use our contact form. You can even check out a few of Matt’s articles on accent softening here.